Mount USB Drive#


The Duplcati backup service auto-mounts compatible drives. Data corruption will occur if the same drive is accessed from several services simultaneously.

Find Device Name#

Plug the drive into an available USB port. Then run

sudo fdisk -l 

and take note of the device name, e.g. /dev/sdb1.

Mount Device#

sudo mount  -t exfat -o rw /dev/sdb1 /mnt

Replace the device type (exfat) with the appropriate value for your drive and substitute the device name obtained in the previous step. /mnt is the directory under which the contents of the drive will be available. You can specify a different value, but the directory must exist.

Copy Contents#

To copy contents from one drive (or location) to another, use rsync. E.g.

rsync -au --progress --exclude=".*" /src/ /dst/

where /src/ (e.g. /mnt/) and /dst/ are the source and destination directories. If rsync is interrupted or the contents on /src/, run rsync again to make /dst/ an exact copy of /src/.

The optional --exclude=".*" excludes all files starting with a dot. Use the --dry-run flag to only see the actions to be performed without actually making any changes.