Customize ide49#

ide49 is a docker application served by the balena cloud, a version of docker customized for devices with low resources (compared to datacenters, a primary target of docker).

ide49 is completely customizable: you can alter, add, and remove services-right from within ide49.

Clone ide49:


git clone

Go to the cloned folder and make desired changes.

Now connect to the Balena CLI at https://iot49.local/balena-cli and open a terminal to run the statements below. Replace APP_NAME with the name of the app (fleet) on balena-cloud you want to update.

balena login
balena push APP_NAME

Enter your credentials when asked.

You may want to create a separate application for experimenting to avoid getting locked out of ide49 in case of errors.

Check the online documentation for docker and balena for further information.